003: I’m dealing with PTSD and suicidal thoughts…help! with Rob Michaels

Rob Michaels is the Founder of Serve & Protect, an organization that facilitates trauma services for public safety personnel...when 911 needs 911. Rob served for 6 years as an MP for the Virginia National Guard prior to joining the Norfolk, VA Police Department. He served as a patrol officer and detective, and later went to Bible College. He worked in radio, marketing, and public relations serving popular Christian music artists in Nashville, TN for 30 years until he felt God leading him to start Serve & Protect. Rob shares his personal experiences, the causes of post traumatic stress, and talks to us about recognizing the signs and symptoms of post traumatic stress so that we can get the

002: I want to support my officer...but how? with law enforcement spouse Heidi Hogan

Meet Heidi. She is like many of our listeners - wife of a police officer, mom to two little boys, is concerned about the current affairs of policing in the U.S., is trying to make her marriage work, and works as a trauma nurse to help support her family. Based in Kansas City, KS, Heidi started a police wives group to support one another, and hosts an annual marriage conference. She provides practical tips for supporting your officer, connecting with other police wives, and creatively encouraging officers in your community. In this episode, Heidi provides a 30-second "elevator pitch" for approaching businesses in your community to solicit support, gifts, and giveaways to encourage the offic

001: Fireproof, Courageous, and the Fatherhood CoMission with Film Producer and Author Stephen Kendr

Fireproof, Courageous, War Room...powerful movies with powerful messages about marriage, fatherhood, and prayer. Those of us as police officers and firefighters connect on an even deeper level. Fireproof is the story of a firefighter (Kirk Cameron) who fights to win back the heart of his wife, and to learn the true meaning of life-long love. Courageous is an action-packed police drama about everyday heroes who long to make a lifelong impact on their children. In this episode, Jonathan speaks with film producer and best-selling author Stephen Kendrick of Kendrick Brothers Productions about the making of these great movies, their decision to present the stories using the depiction of first re

000: Welcome to the Watch Your Six Podcast! (Introduction)

Welcome to the introductory episode of the "Watch Your Six" podcast with host Jonathan Parker! In this episode, Jonathan introduces himself, the idea behind the show, and explains how it will impact YOUR life as a police officer, spouse, law enforcement family member, or other first responder. The “Watch Your Six Podcast” is the weekly podcast that equips YOU, the law enforcement and first responder family, to "watch your six" by protecting the six vulnerable areas of life often left exposed to danger. Those six areas of health and well-being are (1) Mental, (2) Marital - relationships, to include parenting, (3) Muscle - physical, (4) Money, (5) Missional - leadership, current events, and

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