015: Above the Fray with Police Wife, Author, and Speaker Kristi Neace

Kristi Neace is an accomplished author, speaker, artist, and police wife. She is also the founder of a nation-wide, non-profit ministry called Badge of Hope. In this episode, Kristi talks about her marriage and personal journey that led to her writing five law enforcement focused books. She describes the theme of each book, with special emphasis on her new release. Above the Fray is a four-week Bible study designed to support and encourage police wives. Kristi will be speaking at several upcoming events, including the RISE Christian Police Conference in Haymarket, VA during National Police Week in May and the Badge of Hope Marriage Conference in Lenexa, Kansas on July 22, 2017. Purchase

014: Badges and Budgets with Motor Cop and Money Coach Jason Hoschouer

Jason "Motor Cop" Hoschouer is a cop and the mastermind behind The Motor Cop Blog and The Motor Cop Mindset website. He is the author of Badges and Budgets, and is all about helping others regain control of their finances. In fact, he eliminated $78,000 debt in just over two years, and wants to coach others to financial peace and freedom. In this episode, Jason shares his story, offers practical advice to our listeners, and points us to several great resources for achieving success. Jason explains that becoming debt free is possible, and encourages us to find our "why" - the motivation for regaining control of our finances and becoming debt free. Doing so will impact more than our finances.

The Hidden Figures of the First Responder Profession

Earlier this year, my wife and I enjoyed part of our anniversary celebration by watching the movie Hidden Figures. It is an amazing movie about three brilliant African-American women who served as “human computers,” engineers and mathematicians for NASA during the Civil Rights era and beyond. They were credited for serving “as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history: the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit.” More broadly, the movie serves as a reminder of the plight of all women in a male-dominated profession. It was so riveting a film that I wanted to learn more. I walked out of the theater with mixed emotions, and questions like, “How is it that we never heard

013: Being Resilient and Finding Purpose When Life's at its Worst with Houston Gass

Houston Gass is the epitome of resilience. On January 6, 2015, while working as a Police Sergeant with the Pampa (TX) Police Department, he was shot in the face with a 12 gauge shotgun. But his story doesn't start there. At age 11, his sister was brutally murdered. In 2013, he experienced an especially difficult divorce, lost his father to cancer, and his only other sister committed suicide. In this episode, Houston shares his story, and offers encouragement to our audience about being resilient and finding purpose when life is at its worst. Houston also shares some practical advice for cops. "Have a plan to go home, and have a plan for your family in case you don't go home." He encou

Why Marriage Should Matter More to Cops

Several years ago, a new assignment with my City agency required me to receive a special deputy commission for the County in which I served. There was no fanfare involved. I walked up to the third floor of the courthouse, handed the clerk the required paperwork, and she began the process. She told me to raise my right hand and begin reading the oath, so I did. The room was rather large, and there was a small crowd of people filing for marriage licenses or dealing with other legal matters. As I began reciting the oath, I suddenly noticed that the room grew silent. It felt as though every eye in the room was focused on me. And then something happened that I never experienced before that

012: The Night My Wife Died and How Stress Debriefing Helped

Jonathan Parker, host of the Watch Your Six Podcast, shares the story of the night his wife died of a massive heart attack, and how critical incident stress debriefing enabled him to navigate the symptoms of post traumatic stress. He outlines his training as a volunteer member of the Tennessee Public Safety Network and explains in great detail the defusing and debriefing process. This information, including the information sheet that is linked below, will prove invaluable for responders and family members. Watch "Meredith Parker: Surviving a Massive Heart Attack" Tennessee Public Safety Network (TPSN) Website Download the Critical Incident Stress Information Sheet Contact Jonathan: Email: i

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