020: Thinking Differently About Law Enforcement Leadership with Roy Bethge

Roy Bethge is a veteran police leader with more than 26 years of experience. He is the lead instructor and co-founder of The Virtus Group, and the co-founder of WINx: Inspiring Excellence in Law Enforcement. In this episode, Roy provides his definition of leadership, talks about the need for thinking differently about law enforcement leadership, and gives three practical tips for becoming successful as an individual and leader. Roy defines leadership as "the ability to inspire others or self toward a common ethical goal," and then explains the components of his definition. He goes on to offer the following advice concerning becoming successful. 1. Continually self-assess through outside s

019: Here's Why Marriage Should Matter More to Cops and 5 Resources to Help

Jonathan Parker, host of the Watch Your Six Podcast, explains why the marriage oath should matter more to cops and first responders. He also presents the top five marriage resources to help you prepare for, strengthen, or save your marriage with the reminder that the key to success is being intentional. Here Are Jonathan's Top 5 Marriage Resource Recommendations: 1. The Watch Your Six Podcast Check out previous episodes with police wives Kristi Neace, Heidi Hogan, Allison Uribe, and Victoria Newman. Each of them has great advice, books, or other resources that will strengthen your marriage. Jonathan especially recommends Vicki Newman's book A Marriage in Progress. 2. Love & Respect by Eme

018: Honoring Our Wounded Heroes with 9-11 Survivor Jimmy Brown of Wounded Officers Initiative

The Wounded Officers Initiative is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide essential services to help address the long term needs of wounded law enforcement officers whose line of duty injuries have prevented them from continuing their law enforcement careers. In this episode, co-founder Jimmy Brown (a 9/11 survivor who served with NYPD and FDNY) talks about the Initiative, the services they provide, how to partner with them, and how to nominate wounded heroes. If you'd like to hear Jimmy tell more about his story on 9/11 and journey from Atheism to Christianity, you can watch it HERE. Contact Wounded Officers Initiative: Email: info@WoundedOfficersInitiative.org Phone: 407-49

I Heard a Siren for the First Time Today [Powerful Poem Honoring Fallen Officers]

National Police Week is upon us, and it is a time of mixed emotions. We grieve for our Fallen, and yet we have a sense of pride in having known them and having the opportunity to continue the watch for them. Just over six years ago, my agency was faced with one of our own being murdered in the line of duty. Sergeant James Timothy Chapin (Officer Down Memorial Page) Out of that tragedy, a police supporter in our community wrote this very powerful and gripping poem. I thought I'd share it with you. I Heard a Siren for the First Time Today I heard a Siren for the first time today What made it different were my thoughts have changed Over my life it was always the same, someone had an acciden

017: How an Angry NYPD Cop's Life was Transformed with Andrew Columbia

Andrew Columbia served 10 years as an NYPD cop assigned to the "Fighting" 9th Precinct in Lower Manhattan. He was known by his nickname "Iceman" and the feeling that he was going to explode with anger. In this episode, he tells the story of the night it all came to a head on a rooftop in Harlem. What happened there set his life on a totally different trajectory that will encourage, inspire, and impact your life as well. Purchase a copy of Andrew Columbia's book Transformed from his website below. Contact Pastor Andrew Columbia: Website: www.NLTMinistries.com Facebook: New Life Today Ministries Listen to this episode: #WatchYourSix #PodcastEpisodes #police #cops #lawenforcement #AndrewColu

The Law Enforcement Leadership Blacklist

I guess I was a little naïve about the way things work in the police world. Or perhaps my leadership education and dedication to the organization led me to be a little too idealistic about the way things ought to operate. I am a high "C" (compliant or conscientious) on the DISC personality profile after all. I learned quickly that there tends to be this proverbial "blacklist" among certain supervisors within any given agency, and oftentimes civilian organizations as well. Sometimes we talk about this blacklist in terms of being on someone's "bad side," and it usually plays out like this. At some point during the course of your career, you said or did something for which another individual

016: The Value of Reality-Based Training and Church Security with Agape Tactical's Ken Alexandro

Ken Alexandrow, founder of Agape Tactical, spent 26 years serving the citizens of middle Tennessee as a career police officer. He worked patrol, as a training instructor for the Metro Nashville Police Academy, on the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force, and as a Field Training Officer. In this episode, Ken talks about the services offered by Agape Tactical, the benefits of scenario and reality-based training, and another area of expertise - church security. He offers tips for starting a church security team and recruiting members to serve. Assuming the audience understands the need for protecting houses of worship, Ken suggests approaching church leadership about starting a team. He recommends

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