024: From Knuckle Dragging SWAT Cop to the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers with Paul Lee

Paul Lee retired as a Captain with the Chattanooga, TN Police Department after 30 years of service on Patrol, SWAT, DUI Task Force, the FBI Safe Streets Task Force, and Administration. Today, he serves as the Executive Director of the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers (FCPO). In this episode, Paul talks about how the job finally caught up to him, and the surrender that forever changed his life. After surrendering his life to Jesus Christ, Paul grew in his faith through the local chapter of FCPO. He talks about the true strength of being a Christian in the profession and the opportunities to make a positive impact each and every day. Even from the beginning, he knew there was a bette

Don’t Discount the UT-Dallas Study on Self-Control and Police Use of Force Just Yet

Law Officer recently reported “Study: Divorced Police Officers More Likely to Use Deadly Force,” which was based on a UT-Dallas study on the connection between self-control and use of force. The eight factors, which include divorce, debt, and traffic crashes, were used as indicators of a higher likelihood for uses of deadly force. Many have immediately discredited or discounted the findings, setting social media ablaze, because they assume the researchers are biased against police or the research is pointless. See how readers responded on the Law Officer Facebook page. Further investigation shows that the same research team published a study this month in the American Journal of Public Heal

023: WINx Chicago 2017 - How Mentoring Will Reshape the Culture of Policing in America

On April 25, 2017, I had the incredible opportunity to join with other leading law enforcement professionals for WINx Chicago 2017. WINx is an event for growth and advancement of the law enforcement profession, and is a fast-paced event that features quick 18-minute presentations to challenge, engage, and inspire you. The title of my talk was "The New FTO: How Mentoring Will Reshape the Culture of Policing in America." In this episode, I present the audio of my talk and strongly encourage listeners to join the WINx mailing list to receive the other 8 phenomenal talks as they are released. Visit the WINx website to view videos from 2015, 2016, and sign up to receive email notification as t

022: Marine Corps Officer and Federal LEO Dan O'Connor on Fatherhood and Mentoring

Dan O'Connor is the Director of Field Operations for the Chief Security Office, FEMA. He is a retired Marine Officer who has provided security leadership and consultation for the rebuilding of the New World Trade Center and 4 Olympic Games. He was also abandoned by his father as a child. In this episode, Dan talks about the adverse effects of being raised without a father and how mentoring can overcome those obstacles to create healthier, higher performing soldiers and first responders. Dan outlines some of the issues and emotions he experienced as a result of being raised without a father, and how he came to understand the importance of mentoring. He asserts that personal issues affect

021: Get Fit for Duty, Fit for Life with Coach JC of Fit First Responders

Jonathan "Coach JC" Conneely is the founder of Fit First Responders, a non-profit organization that is training first responders to be fit for duty and fit for life. In addition to training professional and Division I athletes, his Tulsa based facility and online program ffronline.tv has trained thousands of responders from over 46 agencies. In this episode, Coach JC talks about his 4 pillars of success and how you can make the choice today to become truly fit for duty, fit for life. Coach JC energetically encourages you to develop a winning mindset, make positive choices, and understand a well-rounded approach to fitness. The 4 pillars of success are focus, fitness, food, and family. He t

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