033: Understanding Your Identity Above and Beyond the Uniform with Jamey Gadoury

Jamey Gadoury is a combat veteran, graduate of West Point and the U.S. Army Ranger School, instructor, and leadership consultant who founded Outsider Consulting. He is passionate about helping leaders and organizations succeed both professionally and personally. In this episode, Jamey defines leadership as "the ability to influence others towards a worthy goal." He also talks about identity and the unique challenges for those of us who work in uniformed services such as the military or law enforcement. Jamey is very transparent as he talks about seeking professional counseling services, and encourages others to be self-aware and seek assistance when needed. He defines his core identity a

032: Stop the Bleeding - Financial First Aid for First Responders

Do work an endless cycle of off-duty extra jobs just to pay the bills each month? Are you facing overwhelming debt, or dealing with other poor financial practices that keep you from feeling like you'll ever get ahead? In this episode, I suggest that in difficult situations such as getting out of debt and ahead in our finances we must take immediate and drastic actions to "stop the bleeding." I offer three very practical steps for eliminating debt, and explain how to implement each step. Listen to this episode: #WatchYourSix #JonathanParker #PodcastEpisodes #police #cops #lawenforcement #policewives #moneyhealth #finances

031: Stress, Success, and Significance in Life and Law Enforcement with Jimmy Meeks of Sheepdog Semi

Jimmy Meeks retired after 35 years of service in law enforcement in Hurst, TX. He is also a Christian Minister, and travels the nation as a keynote speaker for Sheepdog Seminars with Lt. Col. Dave Grossman. He trains community, faith, and business leaders about violence, and calls Sheepdogs to take a stand. In this episode, Jimmy talks with Jonathan about the true sources of stress for those serving in law enforcement, the keys to a successful career, and understanding true significance in life. Jimmy points out that there are two occupations in the New Testament Scriptures that are said to be created and ordained by God - that of Minister and Police Officer. Regarding those who struggle

030: Excellence in Training Part 3 - Missional and Ministry Health

I was the featured guest recently on Brian Willis' "Excellence in Training Podcast," a resource through his law enforcement trainers' website at www.ExcellenceinTrainingAcademy.com. You may remember Brian from Episode 004 of the Watch Your Six Podcast. In the interview, I discuss the six tenets of the Watch Your Six concept along with how we can train and develop in each area both personally and professionally. In this episode, part 3, we discuss the areas of missional and ministry health. Be sure to listen to parts 1 and 2 also. Listen to this episode: #WatchYourSix #JonathanParker #PodcastEpisodes #police #cops #lawenforcement #policewives #BrianWillis #Training #missionalhealth #minis

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