037: From Tragedy to Triumph when Facing Life's Challenges with Robert Starnes

Robert Starnes is a Lieutenant with the Hamilton County, TN Sheriff’s Office, where he has served for 34 years. He is the past President of the TN Law Enforcement Training Officers Association, presently serves on the Board of Directors for the TN Public Safety Network, and has served his community through the Forgotten Child Fund, the Chattanooga Homeless Shelter, and TN Donors Services for promoting organ donations. In this episode, Robert talks about the sudden and unexpected death of his 9-year old daughter Jesse Anna, and how that tragedy propelled him to lose over 170 pounds, compete as an IronMan athlete, and continue his career. Jesse Anna collapsed in March of 2008 and was declared

036: Social Media Best Practices for Professional and Personal Applications with LEO and Industry Ex

Captain Chris Hsiung commands the Special Operations Division at the Mountain View Police Department in Northern California, and he has been serving there for over 21 years. Since 2012 he has managed the department’s social media strategy, platforms, and engagement with the community. He is recognized as an national industry leader with organizations like the International Association of Chiefs of Police, California POST, and GovTech. In this episode, Chris talks best practices for professional and personal online presence, with very practical insights for engaging the community, professionalism, and personal safety. Chris offers the following professional cautions: "As an officer, if you

Three Tips for Avoiding the Social Media Hot Seat: Lessons from the Gainesville "Hot Cop"

When do we learn? And when I say "learn," I mean actually change the behavior that causes us so many issues. The Gainesville, Florida Police Department recently posted a picture that went viral and has come to be known as the "hot cop" selfie. The picture shows Officer Michael Hamill and two others during the Hurricane Irma recovery. It was removed by the agency this week, and Officer Hamill is under investigation because of comments he made on his personal Facebook profile dating back to 2011 - five years before he was sworn in as an officer with GPD. The Gainesville Sun reported that two screen shots revealed that Officer Hamill made anti-Semitic jokes or comments. News media such as US

035: Conversations on the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and How You Can Help

Hurricane Harvey was a category 4 hurricane that struck the Houston and Southeast Texas area on August 26, 2017. Many areas received 40-50 inches of rain, which caused severe flooding and devastation. It has been considered the costliest natural disaster to date. In this episode, Jonathan speaks with Former LEO Steve Visser of First Baptist Church of Groves, TX and others about the ongoing relief efforts, and how our listeners can offer the most effective assistance in the recovery process. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Houston Police Department Sergeant Steve Perez who drowned in the line-of-duty, and all of those who have been impacted by this event. Please consider do

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