055: Be the Dad Your Kids Need with Three Practical Tips for Engaging Them Daily

An often overlooked aspect of police life is the toll it takes on us as parents, especially fathers. We give so much of our lives to the needs and concerns of others, that we are physically and emotionally exhausted when we get home. Given the prevalence of divorce, our time with our children is even further divided. In this episode, Jonathan talks about leadership from the perspective of the important role of fathers and male role models in the lives of children, and offers practical advice for how we can engage them daily in meaningful ways. Download "25 Ways to Ask Your Child About Their Day" Listen to this episode: #WatchYourSix #JonathanParker #PodcastEpisodes #police #cops #lawenforce

054: How Police Supervisors Can Build Great Teams and Learn to Stop Micromanaging

Great leaders understand the importance of a building a team. In this episode, Jonathan continues the series on leadership with an emphasis on preparing or developing yourself as a police supervisor. Learn how to overcome insecurity, stop micromanaging, and create a team that you can trust to accomplish your vision as part of the organization's vision. Great leaders: 1. Enlist a qualified TEAM If you can't choose your team, then you must work to train and qualify them. In any case, you must learn that their success is your success and overcome any insecurity that could be sabotaging the team. 2. Establish the VISION Vision comes through the leader who then helps the team en-vision the futur

053: Police, Race, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In his “I Have a Dream” speech, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke twice of the “unspeakable horrors of police brutality.” The issue of race relations in our nation, and especially concerning policing, is at the forefront of our minds. In this episode, Jonathan discusses what we can do as the law enforcement community to bring about healing and reconciliation. He also interviews David Stynchcombe, Grandson of former Fulton County, GA Sheriff LeRoy Stynchcombe, about his Grandfather’s interactions with Dr. King, Jr. Article: 5 Steps to Race Relations in Law Enforcement (LawOfficer.com) Oneness Embraced - book by Dr. Tony Evans As reported by David Stynchcombe, the image on the left depicts

052: Three Ways for Police Supervisors to Build Relationships and Boost Morale

One of the greatest pitfalls for a person in the position of leadership is to be disconnected from the people he or she serves. We often describe that supervisor as having forgotten where he came from. In this episode, Jonathan provides three ways for leaders - police supervisors, spouses, and parents - to build relationships and build morale among the team. By doing so, they will also see an increase in results and production. How do you as a leader stay connected? 1. Invest time in being visible and accessible, giving attention to the needs of those you serve. 2. Listen and create an environment of consensus. Consensus is not when everyone agrees, but has had the right to be heard. 3.

051: Developing the Leader in You Through Self-Awareness

To become a great leader, you have to become a great version of yourself first. In this episode, Jonathan begins the New Year (2018) with three tips for becoming more self-aware in the process towards personal development and developing yourself as a leader. The episode includes a recommended reading list, and concludes with a very practical word of wisdom for approaching life in the New Year. How do you become more self-aware? 1. Self Reflection - Take an honest look at yourself. Personal assessments are a great place to begin. 2. Find a Mentor or Coach - Find someone who is trusted, wise, successful, and a few steps ahead of you in life who will provide honest feedback in a constructive

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