059: Four Tips for Overcoming Your Fear and Becoming a Great Public Speaker

Even the thought of speaking in front of an audience is enough to send some of us into a panic. But if you're in law enforcement, there will be times when you're called upon to speak at a community group, conduct training, talk to students at a school, or go before a panel of interviewers for your next promotion. In this episode, Jonathan, with the help of his daughter Olivia as a special guest, draws upon his experience as a professional communicator to offer four tips for overcoming your fear and becoming a great public speaker. 1. The first way to overcome fear of public speaking is to recognize it for what it is Recognize the emotion of fear, and turn the negative energy into excitement

058: Five Tips for Taking the Stress Out of Tax Time

As if we needed something else to stress about, the reality is that cops pay taxes too. With extra jobs, special equipment, divorces, and other unique considerations for those of us serving, we need all the help and advice we can get. In this episode, Jonathan shares five tips from a CPA that could help reduce the stress of tax time for you and your family. Who knows...you might even save money in the learning process. 1. Start Early...as in Right Now By January 31st you should have mostly all of the necessary documents for filing your taxes. To avoid the pressures of the deadline, begin as soon as possible. With a little less than a month remaining, don't wait to file. What most people do

057: These 3 Tactical Considerations for Officer Safety Could Help You Survive Your Shift

So far, 2018 has proven to be deadly for law enforcement officers. There have been multiple officers killed or wounded by gunfire, and many wonder if there is any end in sight. In this episode, Jonathan discusses three tactical considerations for officer safety that could save your life and ensure that you go home at the end of your shift. For some, this episode is a review of your training and a reminder to avoid complacency. For others, this episode will present new tactics and ideas that you will have to pursue further. The three considerations that Jonathan discusses are: 1. Approaching residences, especially when serving warrants or answering calls for domestic violence, unknown tro

056: Four Things Every New Police Wife Needs to Know with Faith-Wife-Hero Founder Crystal Ienni

Police wife and Faith.Wife.Hero founder Crystal Ienni joins Jonathan to discuss four things every police wife, and especially new police wives, need to know about life as a law enforcement spouse. She started Faith.Wife.Hero in Northern California after realizing there was little support available for spouses in her area. In this episode, she shares insight and encouragement for all of our blue families. Crystal offers the following advice: 1. Surrender your life and your spouse to God in prayer so that you can find true peace. 2. Take "time outs" - intentional times away for the stressors of the job to nurture your relationship. 3. Be intentional about engaging in positive community so th

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