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July 2, 2018

There's always more to the story, and police officer body-worn cameras have been revealing the truth more and more frequently. What we're finding, however, is that crisis is inevitable. How we respond to the crisis makes all the difference. In this episode, Jonathan ta...

June 25, 2018

Mentoring is a form of development where one person invests time, effort, and their experience in assisting the growth and ability of another person. Jonathan explains that mentoring could be the key to shaping the heart and character of officers towards an enduring an...

June 18, 2018

Adam Davis is an author and speaker who uses his experience as a law enforcement officer to offer hope and encouragement to others who continue to serve.  In this episode, Jonathan speaks with Adam about his journey into and out of law enforcement, the reason officers...

June 11, 2018

In 1942, the British "V-Force" was a group of stay-behind troops in Burma that were assigned to harass, sabotage, and ambush the Japanese forces if they invaded India. In this episode, Jonathan talks about "V-Force" leadership - 4 critical traits, without which your le...

June 4, 2018

The law enforcement profession is at a place of dis-ease, a place of disconnect with certain segments of our society, but we don't quite know what to do.  In this episode, Jonathan suggests that real growth and change can begin with this one not-so-simple leadership ex...

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