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  • Jonathan Parker

014: Badges and Budgets with Motor Cop and Money Coach Jason Hoschouer

Jason "Motor Cop" Hoschouer is a cop and the mastermind behind The Motor Cop Blog and The Motor Cop Mindset website. He is the author of Badges and Budgets, and is all about helping others regain control of their finances. In fact, he eliminated $78,000 debt in just over two years, and wants to coach others to financial peace and freedom. In this episode, Jason shares his story, offers practical advice to our listeners, and points us to several great resources for achieving success.

Jason explains that becoming debt free is possible, and encourages us to find our "why" - the motivation for regaining control of our finances and becoming debt free. Doing so will impact more than our finances. We will be less stressed, healthy, and more disciplined in other areas of our lives as well. He then offers advice and steps for moving towards your goal, which includes reading Dave Ramsey's book Total Money Makeover.

A great tip Jason offers for parents in teaching your children about finances is to stop giving them an "allowance," and instead give them a "commission" - money they earn for completing chores.

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