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  • Jonathan Parker

023: WINx Chicago 2017 - How Mentoring Will Reshape the Culture of Policing in America

On April 25, 2017, I had the incredible opportunity to join with other leading law enforcement professionals for WINx Chicago 2017. WINx is an event for growth and advancement of the law enforcement profession, and is a fast-paced event that features quick 18-minute presentations to challenge, engage, and inspire you. The title of my talk was "The New FTO: How Mentoring Will Reshape the Culture of Policing in America." In this episode, I present the audio of my talk and strongly encourage listeners to join the WINx mailing list to receive the other 8 phenomenal talks as they are released.

Visit the WINx website to view videos from 2015, 2016, and sign up to receive email notification as this year's videos are released and information about future events is posted. Watch previous videos and sign up to receive the 2017 videos at

"The New FTO: How Mentoring Will Reshape the Culture of Policing in America" includes the following three (3) characteristics of mentors:

1. Mentors possess a certain attitude - LEGACY.

2. Mentors provide their calculated attention - TIME.

3. Mentors perform with consistent actions - CHARACTER.

In the introduction to this episode, I also mention the following articles about Millennials and mentoring:

Millennials in Law Enforcement: Recruiting, Training, and Supervising the Next Generation of Officers

Millennials Want to Be Connected to Their CoWorkers

The Next Big Wave: How Millennials Influence the Workplace

Listen to this episode:

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