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  • Jonathan Parker

031: Stress, Success, and Significance in Life and Law Enforcement with Jimmy Meeks of Sheepdog Semi

Jimmy Meeks retired after 35 years of service in law enforcement in Hurst, TX. He is also a Christian Minister, and travels the nation as a keynote speaker for Sheepdog Seminars with Lt. Col. Dave Grossman. He trains community, faith, and business leaders about violence, and calls Sheepdogs to take a stand. In this episode, Jimmy talks with Jonathan about the true sources of stress for those serving in law enforcement, the keys to a successful career, and understanding true significance in life.

Jimmy points out that there are two occupations in the New Testament Scriptures that are said to be created and ordained by God - that of Minister and Police Officer. Regarding those who struggle to reconcile their faith and service, he says, "Police never have to do anything contrary to Scripture." When they do, they are lawbreakers.

He goes on to address the issues of stress and success in life and law enforcement. He points out the priority of our families by saying, "If you fail as a spouse or parent, then you did not have a successful career no matter how many accolades hang on your locker or wall."

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