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  • Jonathan Parker

038: How to Improve Your Marriage by Honoring Your Spouse with Police Wife Heidi Hogan

Police wife and Badge of Hope Kansas City ministry leader Heidi Hogan is back with specific and practical advice for law enforcement spouses about improving your marriage. In this episode, she outlines the common struggles that police wives face, shares some of the struggles from her own journey, and suggests four ways for showing honor, respect, and love to your spouse.

Heidi begins by pointing out four common struggles that police wives face, and offers advice for overcoming them. They include:

1. Fear of Losing Him (in a line-of-duty-death)

2. Trusting Him

3. Feeling Like a Single Parent

4. Isolation and Intimacy

In each area, she is transparent about her own personal struggles and how God eventually revealed the changes she needed to make with regard to respecting and honoring her husband.

Heidi also offers four ways that police wives can honor, serve, and respect their officer, and suggests practical ways for each. The four ways include:

1. Pray for Him

2. Make Your Home a Refuge

3. Build Him Up

4. Do the Little Things (like teaching the kids about daddy's job, being gracious and accommodating to his work schedule, leaving love notes in his lunchbox, and more)

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