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  • Jonathan Parker

044: What Cops and the Wizard of Oz' Tin Man Have in Common

The legend of the Tin Man, a lumberjack named Nick Chopper, says that a spell was cast on his axe. One by one, his limbs were chopped off and replaced by the tinsmith. Soon, the lumberjack could produce more chopped wood with his tin body than his human body. The only problem was that the tinsmith forgot to replace the lumberjack's heart, leaving him empty and devoid of emotion. Like the Tin Man, many cops are production machines, but it has come at the expense of their heart. In this episode, Jonathan shares a recent message from Cop Church Chattanooga in which he asks the question, "How do we connect with an invisible God when the painful, cutting experiences of life have left us with a negative, distant, or emotionless view of Him?"

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