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  • Jonathan Parker

078: Proactive Ways to Engage and Educate the Public About What Police Do and Why

With all the talk of body cameras and public outrage, it seems that everyone knows the law, their rights, and our jobs better than we do. But what are we doing to shift the narrative, build relationships, and educate our communities? In this episode, Jonathan discusses five Supreme Court Cases and offers several ideas that will help those serving in law enforcement engage and educate our community members regarding the reasons why we do what we do so that we can build trust and strengthen relationships.

The 5 Supreme Court cases that we could use as basic subject matter for conversation starters are:

1. Graham v. Conner

2. Tennessee v. Garner

3. Terry v. Ohio

4. Miranda v. Arizona

5. In Re Gault

Some of the ways to create positive engagement are:

1. Citizen Police Academies, Ride Along Programs, and Simulator Training

2. Social Media posts

3. Community Gatherings like neighborhood associations, Coffee with a Cop, or Open House events

4. School Resource Officer (SRO) Programs

5. Encourage, train, and reward patrol officers for positive engagements while on duty.

Do you have ideas? Send me an email at

Listen to this episode:

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