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Welcome! I'm Jonathan.

I don't provide news or negativity.

I deliver wellness resources to change your life and the law enforcement profession.

Would you like to hire me to speak

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You made it home from what?  "Watch Your Six" is a wellness training course that helps you overcome the challenges cops face! More than just information, in this course you will develop a personal action plan that equips you to build resilience, improve personal wellness, and thrive in a profession that is becoming more challenging by the hour.  Find out why hundreds of officers and spouses nationwide have rated this as the most engaging and practical training they've received.


The Watch Your Six Podcast with Jonathan Parker

Subscribe to the podcast that equips YOU, the law enforcement and first responder family, to "watch your six" by protecting the six vulnerable areas of life often left exposed to danger.  Jonathan gleans from his life, law enforcement, and leadership experiences to provide information and resources that are real, relevant, and life-changing. There are over 85 resource-packed episodes!

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