September 16, 2017

When do we learn?  And when I say "learn," I mean actually change the behavior that causes us so many issues.

The Gainesville, Florida Police Department recently posted a picture that went viral and has come to be known as the "hot cop" selfie.  The picture shows Officer Michael Hamill and two others during the Hurricane Irma recovery.  It was removed by the agency this week, and Officer Hamill is under investigation because of...

July 29, 2017

News reports across the nation are talking about the recent line-of-duty death of Southport, IN Police Lt. Aaron Allan.  Much of his legacy was captured in one photograph taken hours before he was shot and killed.

This is an incredibly tragic story with some very valuable lessons for law-enforcement officers, so don't miss this. 

Read FOX 59 - Photo shows Southport officer walking son to bus on first day of Kindergarten hou...

June 23, 2017

Law Officer recently reported “Study: Divorced Police Officers More Likely to Use Deadly Force,” which was based on a UT-Dallas study on the connection between self-control and use of force.  The eight factors, which include divorce, debt, and traffic crashes, were used as indicators of a higher likelihood for uses of deadly force.

Many have immediately discredited or discounted the findings, setting social media ablaze, becaus...

May 11, 2017

National Police Week is upon us, and it is a time of mixed emotions.  We grieve for our Fallen, and yet we have a sense of pride in having known them and having the opportunity to continue the watch for them.

Just over six years ago, my agency was faced with one of our own being murdered in the line of duty.  

Sergeant James Timothy Chapin (Officer Down Memorial Page)

Out of that tragedy, a police supporter in our community wrote...

May 4, 2017

I guess I was a little naïve about the way things work in the police world. Or perhaps my leadership education and dedication to the organization led me to be a little too idealistic about the way things ought to operate.  I am a high "C" (compliant or conscientious) on the DISC personality profile after all.

I learned quickly that there tends to be this proverbial "blacklist" among certain supervisors within any given agency,...

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April 6, 2017

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