085: Marty McFly is Calling You Back to the Future with a Healthy Emotional Cup

In Back to the Future II, time slips into an unfavorable alternate reality after Marty McFly's sports almanac slips into the hands of his arch-nemesis Biff. Like that point in time, the trajectory of our lives hinges on whether or not personal relational needs are met or unmet. When unmet, we spiral into unhealthy thought patterns, unproductive behaviors, and possible painful outcomes. In this episode, Jonathan explains the potential and pain of relational needs and discusses how to empty the "emotional cup" of negative emotions that can free us to live more healthy and productive lives. Listen to this episode: #WatchYourSix #JonathanParker #PodcastEpisodes #police #cops #lawenforcement #Bac

084: Do You Have the Heart to Be a Thriving Cop?

We all have needs. That truth is easy to grasp. Understanding what those needs are, how they are met, and the impact of unmet needs on our lives, families, and profession is not as easy. In this episode, Jonathan explains that the driving force behind behavior is the condition of the heart and whether 10 key relational needs are being met. While positive psychology and mindfulness can be beneficial to our overall well-being, they do not truly address the heart. Do you have the heart to be a thriving cop? Listen to this episode: #WatchYourSix #JonathanParker #PodcastEpisodes #police #cops #lawenforcement

083: The HALT Principle for Decision-Making and Self-Awareness as a Leader, Spouse, and Parent

We are created with a capacity for experiencing emotion, and that capacity for experiencing emotion has been called the emotional cup. In order to make good decisions as leaders, officers, spouses, and parents, we must understand what is filling our emotional cup - the principle of self-awareness. In this episode, Jonathan lays the groundwork for becoming more self-aware and making good decisions by introducing the HALT principle for recognizing unmet needs and the influence those unmet needs have on our decision-making process. Listen to this episode: #WatchYourSix #JonathanParker #PodcastEpisodes #police #cops #lawenforcement #EmotionalCup #selfawareness #Leadership #decisionmaking

082: The Secret Service Report on Assessing and Preventing School Violence Explained in One Essentia

What is the reason for all the mass school shootings, and how do we stop them? The United States Secret Service recently released (July 2018) their 32-page report "Enhancing School Safety Using a Threat Assessment Model," which reveals the results of their extensive research and interviews with school shooters. In this episode, Jonathan summarizes the report with one essential truth and explores the heart of the matter more deeply. Read: Enhancing School Safety Using a Threat Assessment Model (July 2018 Report from the United States Secret Service) Read: The Shifts Behind the Shootings (April 2018 Article by J. Warner Wallace) Listen to this episode: #WatchYourSix #JonathanParker #PodcastE

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