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  • Jonathan Parker

002: I want to support my officer...but how? with law enforcement spouse Heidi Hogan

Meet Heidi. She is like many of our listeners - wife of a police officer, mom to two little boys, is concerned about the current affairs of policing in the U.S., is trying to make her marriage work, and works as a trauma nurse to help support her family.

Based in Kansas City, KS, Heidi started a police wives group to support one another, and hosts an annual marriage conference. She provides practical tips for supporting your officer, connecting with other police wives, and creatively encouraging officers in your community.

In this episode, Heidi provides a 30-second "elevator pitch" for approaching businesses in your community to solicit support, gifts, and giveaways to encourage the officers in your area.

Heidi found that in giving and serving others, she actually benefited in her own marriage from the support of friendships developed in the new wives group.

She started her wives group so that they could "do life together" rather than waiting for a tragedy to bring them together. She started her group by doing 3 things:

1. She created a Facebook group to establish an online presence and connect with wives who are on Facebook.

2. She emailed the Chief/Admin of area agencies and asked them to forward her email about the wives group, which contained her information and the link to the Facebook group.

3. She asked new members of the group to spread the word to others and invite their closest friends.

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