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  • Jonathan Parker

007: How I Survived Two Police Shootings with Mike Swihart

Mike Swihart is a retired Army combat veteran and police officer who survived two police shootings while working in Fort Collins, CO. In one of those incidents, Mike was critically wounded, but survived. In this episode, Mike recounts not only the stories, but what he credits with his survival physically, mentally, and regarding his marriage. He offers practical advice and encouragement for officers who may have endured similar critical incidents.

After telling about the shootings and alluding to difficulties resulting from his combat deployments, Mike says that he suffered from depression, trauma, frustration, and other struggles.

He said, "I understand that there is a pain so hurtful that you could want to die." He goes on to offer this encouragement. "Everything in this life is temporary, and if you hang in there long enough, you can overcome it if you do the right things."

Mike stresses the importance of job related skills training and proficiency, and physical fitness. He also talks about the emotional support from his wife, as well as the strength he gained from his faith.

This episode is part 1 of 2. In episode 008, Jonathan speaks with Mike's wife, Linda, to gain the spouse's perspective and needs during critical incidents.

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