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  • Jonathan Parker

008: How I Survived as a Police Wife for Two Police Shootings with Linda Swihart

Linda Swihart is the wife of Mike Swihart, who in episode 007 relays the stories of two police shootings and military combat deployments. As a trained emergency medical responder, she provided life-saving support to Mike after he was critically wounded in a gunfight that occurred at their church during Sunday morning worship. In this episode, she provides her perspective on the critical incidents, discusses the support that helped her, and offers advice for how police families can assist one another during and after the event.

Linda reminds us that "you pay a high price for loving a cop. Is it worth it? Yes!" She then shares how she overcame her personal journey with fear, and offers a wealth of practical marriage wisdom for police marriages.

For those who may not have experienced a critical incident, Linda suggests helping others. "You know what things need to be around the house. Just go and offer yourself." She said that as she provided 23 hours a day care for Mike after his shooting, friends stepped up to do laundry, provide meals, clean and do dishes, and take their daughters to various appointments. In those difficult times, the little things really are the big things.

Mike and Linda make themselves available for any first responder or spouse who would like their support, advice, or encouragement. Reach out via email, and they will even share their personal cell phone numbers.

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