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  • Jonathan Parker

009: Winning a Gunfight Ethically, Mentally, and Physically with Tim Rupp

Tim Rupp served 4 years in the Air Force before joining the San Antonio, TX police department. He retired in 2007 after 24 years of service, but not before he was involved in a deadly gunfight. In this episode, he details the events of his gunfight, explains that there is a difference between merely surviving and and actually winning a gunfight, and provides invaluable insight for those who have or may engage in a deadly encounter.

In his book (as explained in this episode of the podcast), Winning a Gunfight Ethically, Mentally, and Physically, Tim teaches us to secure victory ethically (spiritually) as well as mentally and physically. He says that surviving means that you continue to exist, but winning is different. Many who are involved in deadly force encounters may survive the incident physically, but struggle mentally or ethically with "false guilt."

Now serving as a Pastor in Idaho Falls, ID, Tim provides a biblical perspective to help answer the ethical question of killing another human being. He also references the mental and psychological training of Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, who provides an understanding of the 5 stages of a gunfight.

Tim continues his work as a firearms training instructor, and his book serves as an excellent resource for the practical tips and techniques of proper shooting. It is highly recommended for officers, spouses, or others who want to master the basics of shooting and train properly should they engage in a deadly encounter.

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