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  • Jonathan Parker

011: Three Vital Components of First Responder Fitness with Marc Hildebrand

Marc Hildebrand is a Police Sergeant in Los Angeles and the founder of First Responder Fitness with Marc. He serves first responders who struggle to get and stay healthy as a fitness coach, blogger, and podcast host. In this episode, Marc walks our audience through the three vital components of fitness that he learned the hard way while struggling with his health. He was able to lose 100 pounds and transform his overall health and well-being as a result of this system. Today, he has an online following of more than 34,000 people.

Marc explains that he "followed the science" to discern these vital components that will help other first responders not only get healthy, but stay healthy. Here is the outline of what Marc discusses in this episode.

1. Fitness - Law Of Adaptation!

  • Get in 30 minutes of exercise a day that gets your heart rate up, for a minimum of 5 days a week

  • Get in 10k steps a day

  • Try something different

  • Get some REST & SLEEP

2. Nutrition - Nutrients Matter!

  • Eat more whole foods

  • Eat the colors of the rainbow for variety

  • Slowly eliminate bad habits

  • Follow a plan that you can follow forever

3. Support - Doing this alone is a sure way to failure!

  • Find a support person - spouse/partner versus outside.

  • Make sure it’s someone who understands what it is you do

  • Become obsessed with learning from them

  • Make it a habit to check in daily WITH THEM

Having all 3 components of this system in place will create the shortest, long term, sustainable results for you.

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