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  • Jonathan Parker

016: The Value of Reality-Based Training and Church Security with Agape Tactical's Ken Alexandro

Ken Alexandrow, founder of Agape Tactical, spent 26 years serving the citizens of middle Tennessee as a career police officer. He worked patrol, as a training instructor for the Metro Nashville Police Academy, on the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force, and as a Field Training Officer. In this episode, Ken talks about the services offered by Agape Tactical, the benefits of scenario and reality-based training, and another area of expertise - church security. He offers tips for starting a church security team and recruiting members to serve.

Assuming the audience understands the need for protecting houses of worship, Ken suggests approaching church leadership about starting a team. He recommends recruiting team members for a rotation so that serving can be ministry and not more work. Recruiting fellow officers can be a great way to reach those not connected with a church, and recruiting civilians can be a positive way for officers to build relationships outside of the law enforcement world.

One of Agape Tactical's specialties is having the equipment (RedMan Suits, Simunition Guns, Blank Rounds, etc.) to facilitate hands-on training for civilians and on-location.

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Facebook: Agape Tactical

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