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  • Jonathan Parker

019: Here's Why Marriage Should Matter More to Cops and 5 Resources to Help

Jonathan Parker, host of the Watch Your Six Podcast, explains why the marriage oath should matter more to cops and first responders. He also presents the top five marriage resources to help you prepare for, strengthen, or save your marriage with the reminder that the key to success is being intentional.

Here Are Jonathan's Top 5 Marriage Resource Recommendations:

1. The Watch Your Six Podcast

Check out previous episodes with police wives Kristi Neace, Heidi Hogan, Allison Uribe, and Victoria Newman. Each of them has great advice, books, or other resources that will strengthen your marriage. Jonathan especially recommends Vicki Newman's book A Marriage in Progress.

2. Love & Respect by Emerson Eggerichs

This book, audiobook, podcast, and website will teach spouses how to provide the love and respect their spouses so desperately needs. This resource was especially beneficial to Jonathan. The website also offers a free 15 day plan to help your marriage.

Winshape is a beautiful retreat center on the campus of Berry College in Rome, GA. The website offers a host of resources and organizations to help prepare for, strengthen, or save your marriage. Of particular relevance is the retreat each March and October for military and first responders by Serving Marriages.

The website is a hub for marriage ministry and resources. It also offers a free relational needs assessment tool. They offer some of the most practical resources to address relational needs and heal hurts.

The Center for Relational Care is Jonathan's number one recommendation for marriages in crisis or on the verge of divorce. They offer Marriage Intensive retreats in Austin, TX and Rome, GA, as well as counseling and other workshops.

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