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  • Jonathan Parker

022: Marine Corps Officer and Federal LEO Dan O'Connor on Fatherhood and Mentoring

Dan O'Connor is the Director of Field Operations for the Chief Security Office, FEMA. He is a retired Marine Officer who has provided security leadership and consultation for the rebuilding of the New World Trade Center and 4 Olympic Games. He was also abandoned by his father as a child. In this episode, Dan talks about the adverse effects of being raised without a father and how mentoring can overcome those obstacles to create healthier, higher performing soldiers and first responders.

Dan outlines some of the issues and emotions he experienced as a result of being raised without a father, and how he came to understand the importance of mentoring. He asserts that personal issues affect job performance, and leaders should focus on helping others overcome personal obstacles so that they can excel in life and on the job.

He goes on to point out that mentoring should be an organic relationship that cannot be forced. Mentors should recognize the need in others and approach them with the offer to support them through mentoring. Mentees should take the risk to improve, recognizing their need and then committing to personal development through the mentoring relationship.

This episode is one of the most content-rich episodes to date. Many people pay thousands of dollars for coaching sessions with someone of this caliber. Be sure to listen to the episode at the link(s) below, and don't forget to share the wealth of information with others!

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