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  • Jonathan Parker

024: From Knuckle Dragging SWAT Cop to the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers with Paul Lee

Paul Lee retired as a Captain with the Chattanooga, TN Police Department after 30 years of service on Patrol, SWAT, DUI Task Force, the FBI Safe Streets Task Force, and Administration. Today, he serves as the Executive Director of the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers (FCPO). In this episode, Paul talks about how the job finally caught up to him, and the surrender that forever changed his life.

After surrendering his life to Jesus Christ, Paul grew in his faith through the local chapter of FCPO. He talks about the true strength of being a Christian in the profession and the opportunities to make a positive impact each and every day. Even from the beginning, he knew there was a better way to police and mentions the advice from academy instructors.

"I was told that I should get down on the bad guy’s level. But I never could understand why I would want to get down on their level? Why wouldn’t I want to bring them up to mine?"

For more information about joining or starting a new chapter of the FCPO, visit, connect on Facebook, or contact Paul at the email address listed below.

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