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  • Jonathan Parker

026: First Responders, Learn to Develop a Bulletproof Spirit with Dan Willis

Captain Dan Willis retired from the La Mesa, CA Police Department after 26 years of service that included roles as a Homicide Detective, SWAT Commander, the agency's Wellness Program Coordinator, and Instructor for the Sand Diego Public Safety Institute. He is also the author of Bulletproof Spirit: The First Responder's Essential Resource for Protecting and Healing the Mind and Heart. In this episode, Dan suggests that we don't have to be a victim of the profession, and offers a shift in mindset that can help us overcome the unique challenges to our spiritual/emotional health.

To change the mindset about maintaining spiritual wellness, Dan suggests that we:

1. Embrace the reality of the job and the challenges we will face

2. Embrace the humanness of who we are

3. Embrace the spiritual nature and essential heart of policing

4. Embrace the fact that we are are vulnerable

Dan encourages us to focus only on what we can control, and offers a few tips for spiritual and emotional wellness that comes from his book Bulletproof Spirit.

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