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  • Jonathan Parker

027: This Fall Guy is Standing Up for Courageous Leadership with Stacy Ettel

Stacy Ettel was the fall guy. He is a veteran law enforcement officer with over 24 years of service who has a good reputation and exemplary career. He was a Lieutenant with the University of Florida Police Department and the Watch Commander on duty in March of 2010 when his officers used deadly force against a student who was dealing with severe mental illness, under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs, and threatened officers with multiple weapons. He suddenly found himself in the political turmoil that ultimately left him unemployed. In this episode, Stacy talks about overcoming this incident, rebuilding his career, and how he is standing up for Courageous Leadership in law enforcement.

Stacy presently works for a Sheriff's Office in Florida, is the Executive Director of L.E.A.N. (the Law Enforcement Advocacy Network, which seeks to bring together those law enforcement officers both former and present that have been fired, disciplined, or even arrested for simply doing their job), and travels the country as a trainer for Courageous Leadership through Safetac Training / Law Officer.

Stacy describes courageous leadership as having similar characteristics to being a father, namely that it is selfless. Leaders should serve those under their command in selfless fashion, and be sure that the decisions they make enable them to look with pride and confidence into their loved ones eyes.

Stacy goes on to offer encouragement to officers who may be fearful of doing their job, and discusses the key components that enabled him to navigate successfully through his difficult journey.

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