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  • Jonathan Parker

033: Understanding Your Identity Above and Beyond the Uniform with Jamey Gadoury

Jamey Gadoury is a combat veteran, graduate of West Point and the U.S. Army Ranger School, instructor, and leadership consultant who founded Outsider Consulting. He is passionate about helping leaders and organizations succeed both professionally and personally. In this episode, Jamey defines leadership as "the ability to influence others towards a worthy goal." He also talks about identity and the unique challenges for those of us who work in uniformed services such as the military or law enforcement.

Jamey is very transparent as he talks about seeking professional counseling services, and encourages others to be self-aware and seek assistance when needed. He defines his core identity as a follower of Jesus Christ, and reminds us to "humanize" those we are serving - to see them and ourselves as whole persons rather than uniforms.

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