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  • Jonathan Parker

039: PTSD and Faith on the Force with Michael McSellers (Part 1)

Michael J. McSellers is a United States Marine Corps veteran who has served the Common Wealth of Virginia as a Law Enforcement Officer, Chaplain, and Coordinator for the Rise Christian Police Conference held each year during National Police Week. He is also the host of the Faith on the Force Podcast, which is a new podcast bringing attention to the issues that law enforcement officers around the country face on a daily basis. In this episode, Michael is very transparent about dealing with PTSD, and talks about how he and his family overcame the issues so that he could return to work and help others on their journey towards healing. This is part 1 of 2 episodes that comprise the interview with Michael.

Michael mentioned that the following helped him, and encourages others to do the same:

1. Recognize the issues. Recognize that you are dealing with the issues and be willing to get help.

2. Seek counseling.

3. Connect with friends who can help you avoid isolation, support you, and listen as you begin to open up.

4. Open up and share what you are dealing with. You must be willing to talk about the issues.

5. If you need time, take time away. Michael took nearly 6 months in order to be able to gain strength and return to work.

Now, Michael is working to lobby legislators in Washington, D.C. and encourages listeners to do the same. We need better mental health resources, and we need changes to laws like Worker Compensation.

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