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  • Jonathan Parker

052: Three Ways for Police Supervisors to Build Relationships and Boost Morale

One of the greatest pitfalls for a person in the position of leadership is to be disconnected from the people he or she serves. We often describe that supervisor as having forgotten where he came from. In this episode, Jonathan provides three ways for leaders - police supervisors, spouses, and parents - to build relationships and build morale among the team. By doing so, they will also see an increase in results and production.

How do you as a leader stay connected?

1. Invest time in being visible and accessible, giving attention to the needs of those you serve.

2. Listen and create an environment of consensus. Consensus is not when everyone agrees, but has had the right to be heard.

3. Express genuine care and concern for the person both as a professional and outside of work.

Listen to this episode:

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