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  • Jonathan Parker

054: How Police Supervisors Can Build Great Teams and Learn to Stop Micromanaging

Great leaders understand the importance of a building a team. In this episode, Jonathan continues the series on leadership with an emphasis on preparing or developing yourself as a police supervisor. Learn how to overcome insecurity, stop micromanaging, and create a team that you can trust to accomplish your vision as part of the organization's vision.

Great leaders:

1. Enlist a qualified TEAM

If you can't choose your team, then you must work to train and qualify them. In any case, you must learn that their success is your success and overcome any insecurity that could be sabotaging the team.

2. Establish the VISION

Vision comes through the leader who then helps the team en-vision the future. If you don't have a clear vision, the team will fail or another leader will rise with vision, which is in effect di-vision.

3. Equip with CLARITY

In his leadership podcast, Craig Groeschel points out the importance of clarity and trust when empowering others. He says, "Clarity without trust produces fear and inaction."

4. Empower with TRUST

On trust, Groeschel says, "Trust without clarity produces work without direction. If you want to frustrate someone, give them freedom without direction."

Listen to this episode:

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