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  • Jonathan Parker

056: Four Things Every New Police Wife Needs to Know with Faith-Wife-Hero Founder Crystal Ienni

Police wife and Faith.Wife.Hero founder Crystal Ienni joins Jonathan to discuss four things every police wife, and especially new police wives, need to know about life as a law enforcement spouse. She started Faith.Wife.Hero in Northern California after realizing there was little support available for spouses in her area. In this episode, she shares insight and encouragement for all of our blue families.

Crystal offers the following advice:

1. Surrender your life and your spouse to God in prayer so that you can find true peace.

2. Take "time outs" - intentional times away for the stressors of the job to nurture your relationship.

3. Be intentional about engaging in positive community so that you can glean from others who are walking the same journey.

4. Healthy policing starts in the home. Make your home a sanctuary from the chaos of the world so that your officer can remain healthy and grounded.

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