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  • Jonathan Parker

059: Four Tips for Overcoming Your Fear and Becoming a Great Public Speaker

Even the thought of speaking in front of an audience is enough to send some of us into a panic. But if you're in law enforcement, there will be times when you're called upon to speak at a community group, conduct training, talk to students at a school, or go before a panel of interviewers for your next promotion. In this episode, Jonathan, with the help of his daughter Olivia as a special guest, draws upon his experience as a professional communicator to offer four tips for overcoming your fear and becoming a great public speaker.

1. The first way to overcome fear of public speaking is to recognize it for what it is

Recognize the emotion of fear, and turn the negative energy into excitement that propels you to success.

2. The second way to overcome fear is to address the physical symptoms

Similar to stressful responses to a critical incident, be proactive to address the physiological effects of stress through combat breathing and measures to calm an upset stomach.

3. The third way to overcome fear of public speaking is to think positive thoughts

Realize that your audience wants you to succeed, and that you have something that they want or need to hear. Take control of negative or fearful thoughts, and replace them with positive reminders.

4. The fourth way to overcome fear is to be prepared.

Become more prepared for speaking in general by looking for opportunities to gain more experience. Be prepared for a particular occasion by rehearsing and practicing it until you are more confident.

Listen to this episode:

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