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  • Jonathan Parker

060: Three Key Principles for Developing a Great Public Speaking Presentation

Public speaking is largely a skill that is developed. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "All the great speakers were bad speakers at first." In this episode, Jonathan and his daughter Olivia delve deeper into the topic of public speaking by discussing the three key principles for developing a great public speaking presentation. Be sure to also listen to Episode 059 about overcoming your fear to become a great public speaker.

The 3 key principles for developing a great public speaking presentation are:

1. Know Your Audience

Before developing your talk, you should know your audience both specifically and generally. Specifically, know the demographics and occasion so that you can be intentional about speaking in a way that connects with your audience. Generally, you should understand the principles of adult learning styles, and be intentionally about appealing to each of those three styles.

2. Know Your Material

Here are a couple of high-impact points regarding how you should develop your material.

First, start with a great introduction. Skip the preliminaries and open with an attention grabbing statement, story, or illustration that will engage the audience immediately.

Second, deliver a simple message that the audience will remember, support it with about 3 key points, and repeat them throughout the presentation. Consider the "rule of 3's" as you develop your material.

Third, end with a call to action, a key question to ponder, a takeaway or activity. Begin with the end in mind that you want to inspire growth and change. Find a way for the audience to take the message with them so that it sticks.

3. Know Yourself

Knowing yourself is primarily about being yourself. Develop your own style and be authentic when speaking. One of the best ways is to watch yourself speaking on video or listen to audio in order to improve your style and technique.

Listen to this episode:

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