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  • Jonathan Parker

062: The Law Enforcement Leadership Blacklist and 4 Steps for Growing Beyond It

As a young officer, Jonathan learned quickly that there tends to be this proverbial "blacklist" among certain supervisors within any given agency. The practice of blacklisting certain officers due to prior offenses, personality clashes, or preferences concerning policing is an unfortunate reality that affects morale and overall organizational success. In this episode, Jonathan discusses the blacklist, the role of great leaders in a culture where it exists, and then offers four practical steps for growing beyond it if you have been or are the victim of this practice.

Jonathan points out this key leadership principle:

Great leaders place the good of the organization and those they lead before personal preferences or offenses.

If you have been or presently are being affected by the blacklist of a supervisor in your agency, here are the four tips for healing and moving beyond it to achieve success.

1. Don't perpetuate the practice.

2. Do practice forgiveness.

3. Do pursue proper recourse.

4. Do press on in preparation for future opportunities.

Listen to this episode:

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