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  • Jonathan Parker

067: Four Tips for Improving Communication in Your Marriage with Police Wife and Chaplain Lisa Lerne

Police wife, Chaplain, and Bless the Badge founder Lisa Lerner joins Jonathan to discuss four tips for improving communication in your marriage and beyond. She has been married for over 28 years to Chuck, a 30 year law enforcement veteran. Her journey has led her to develop tactical relationship training for officers and spouses so that their marriages can thrive a career in this profession.

Lisa offers the following very practical and effective tips for strengthening your communication skills in your marriage:

1. Understand the importance of timing in having conversations. Ask your spouse if the time is right to have the desired conversation. If not, schedule a time when both of you can be not only physical present, but emotionally present and engaged.

2. Practice qualifying / mirroring / active listening feedback skills during the course of the conversation to ensure that the message you intend to send is in fact the message your spouse is receiving.

3. Reference the book Love & Respect by Emerson Eggerichs, and remember that men need respect and women need love.

4. Approach communication with the goal of understanding. Lisa points out, "You can validate what someone is saying without agreeing with them." Jonathan further expounds by quoting from the book Keep Your Love On! by Danny Silk.

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