063: What Verdict Will You Issue Given the Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus?

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the centerpiece of the Christian faith. But is there evidence to support this truth claim, and if so, what verdict will we issue once we place the Resurrection on trial? In this episode, Jonathan presents four "exhibits" arranged as Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience in a logical, reasonable, forensic way that cops understand. This apologetics approach to faith and spirituality was first examined in Episode 006 with Homicide Detective J. Warner Wallace. Listen to this episode: #WatchYourSix #JonathanParker #PodcastEpisodes #police #cops #lawenforcement #Spirituality #faith #resurrection #Easter #JesusChrist

062: The Law Enforcement Leadership Blacklist and 4 Steps for Growing Beyond It

As a young officer, Jonathan learned quickly that there tends to be this proverbial "blacklist" among certain supervisors within any given agency. The practice of blacklisting certain officers due to prior offenses, personality clashes, or preferences concerning policing is an unfortunate reality that affects morale and overall organizational success. In this episode, Jonathan discusses the blacklist, the role of great leaders in a culture where it exists, and then offers four practical steps for growing beyond it if you have been or are the victim of this practice. Jonathan points out this key leadership principle: Great leaders place the good of the organization and those they lead befor

061: Public Speaking, Police Training, and the Importance of Understanding Adult Learning Styles

Once you learn something, it never leaves you. Or does it? Whether you are standing in front of others speaking or conducting training one-on-one as a Field Training Officer or mentor, you must understand the fundamentals of adult learning if you are going to connect with your audience and your message is going to stick. In this episode, Jonathan discusses the principles of adult learning by talking about what makes adult learners different, the three learning styles, and how you can effectively apply this knowledge. "Andragogy" is a term coined by the late American educator Malcolm Knowles, and refers to the adult learning theory - the art and science of adult leading. If you are going t

060: Three Key Principles for Developing a Great Public Speaking Presentation

Public speaking is largely a skill that is developed. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "All the great speakers were bad speakers at first." In this episode, Jonathan and his daughter Olivia delve deeper into the topic of public speaking by discussing the three key principles for developing a great public speaking presentation. Be sure to also listen to Episode 059 about overcoming your fear to become a great public speaker. The 3 key principles for developing a great public speaking presentation are: 1. Know Your Audience Before developing your talk, you should know your audience both specifically and generally. Specifically, know the demographics and occasion so that you can be intentional abo

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