081: Wise Advice from a Retired Cop About What Matters Most in Life

In the face of tragic deaths, line of duty deaths, and suicides of officers, we often find ourselves pondering the meaning of life. If we could ask one of the wisest people to ever have lived, what would he tell us matters most in life? In this episode, Jonathan talks about the answer that came from both a retired cop and one of the wisest men in recorded history. The only question is whether or not you will choose to follow this advice. Listen to this episode: #WatchYourSix #JonathanParker #PodcastEpisodes #police #cops #lawenforcement

080: Reflecting on the #LipSyncChallenge and What Law Enforcement Agencies Must Do Moving Forward

It's called the #LipSyncChallenge, and it's all the rave. Law Enforcement officers and agencies around the country are producing videos of them lip syncing to their favorite songs. But should we be thinking more critically about our image and the impact of dancing cops, ice bucket challenges, selfie cops, and lip sync challenges? In this episode, Jonathan reflects upon the pros and cons of participating in such activities and discusses the necessary outcomes that must take place regardless of whether or not we like what is taking place. Read Travis Yates' article "Why I Don't Like the 'Lip Sync' Challenge" at LawOfficer.com. Listen to this episode: #WatchYourSix #JonathanParker #PodcastEpis

079: Six Reasons Why You Give Up Before Accomplishing Your Goals

The reason why you fail to accomplish your goals is simple...you quit. But understanding why you quit rather than pressing on to success is not as simple. In his book, Mojo, author Marshall Goldsmith provides 6 reasons why people quit before achieving their goals. In this episode, Jonathan discusses those 6 reasons and relates them to law enforcement and the Watch Your Six concept. Did this episode help you, or do you have an idea for another episode? Send me an email at info@JonathanOParker.com. Listen to this episode: #WatchYourSix #JonathanParker #PodcastEpisodes #police #cops #lawenforcement #Leadership #SMARTGoals

078: Proactive Ways to Engage and Educate the Public About What Police Do and Why

With all the talk of body cameras and public outrage, it seems that everyone knows the law, their rights, and our jobs better than we do. But what are we doing to shift the narrative, build relationships, and educate our communities? In this episode, Jonathan discusses five Supreme Court Cases and offers several ideas that will help those serving in law enforcement engage and educate our community members regarding the reasons why we do what we do so that we can build trust and strengthen relationships. The 5 Supreme Court cases that we could use as basic subject matter for conversation starters are: 1. Graham v. Conner 2. Tennessee v. Garner 3. Terry v. Ohio 4. Miranda v. Arizona 5. In Re G

077: Body Cameras, Crisis Management, and a Humble Response from Law Enforcement

There's always more to the story, and police officer body-worn cameras have been revealing the truth more and more frequently. What we're finding, however, is that crisis is inevitable. How we respond to the crisis makes all the difference. In this episode, Jonathan talks about Melissa Agnes' Crisis Ready™ Formula for managing controversial issues, and points out that humility is a key leadership ingredient for building trust and relationships with the community even when the video evidence reveals justified actions. Visit www.MelissaAgnes.com to learn more about Melissa, her highly recommended book, and how your agency can prepare to become Crisis Ready. Listen to this episode: #WatchYourSi

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